We deal largely in dreams and do our best to make them come true. I don’t know of anyone that actually needs to buy a Porsche. A Porsche is something that you want, you desire, you aspire to. Often long before you ever get to drive, sit or often see one up close. We recognise that. If you are at a point in your life when you are able to indulge yourself, then jolly well do so, we are here to help! We will supply.

Just this week we had a local gent walk in, now we don’t get too many ‘walk ins’ in fact something over 80 % of our cars are sold on the phone or internet. So a walk in is rare. This gent walked in, talked about buying a Boxster as he loves open top cars and loves driving. He had only recently driven Cape to Cape, an event that travels from Scotland to Land’s End.  Not so many folk have driven that journey. Summer saw him driving his vintage MG to Portugal and now he fancied something a little better to travel with than his vintage MG. Within an hour he had paid for a lovely Boxster. It’s not new, it’s not expensive, but it will provide some great memories for our client. Just as it did for the three previous owners, all of whom were our clients. You don’t need £100’s of thousands to enjoy a Porsche. You just need the spirit. Our ’walk in’ had spirit in spades. ….at 77 years young. Thank you Terry.


We supply Porsche at any age and we are lucky enough to have expertise that covers all era of Porsche, from 356 through to 991. If you have the desire, the passion and the opportunity, we will be pleased to assist.

Porsche 356Porsche 991


Expertise from 356 through to 991…..now that’s too much to expect of a lad from Saltash comprehensive. Even though I love learning about Porsche old and new, we rely on our team. We are lucky with our team too. We all actually enjoy the product. We all share the passion.

Take today: Richard is discussing a new Cayenne with a client in Indonesia, I have been in touch with a customer regarding a 993, and Megan is completing admin for several clients, both sales and restoration. Dean in the workshop reassembling the cylinder heads of a 911 RS. Mark is completing service work on a 911.

Dale is replacing the suspension on a 997, Whilst in the restoration department Graham and Becky are preparing the motor to be fitted in our very special 911 turbo 930CS (more on this later) and ordering hounds-tooth cloth to recover the seats of a 1971 911 and directing the fabricator on the fine detail of a 356 restoration. Getting the detail right is vital.

The knowledge is shared

In the photo we have from foreground clockwise: Adrian, Richard, Mark, Dale, Dean, Becky, Graham and Megan.. Occasionally we benefit from Andy, he is retired, experienced, smart and provides a steadying hand…..like the keel on a yacht, helping performance and stability in the storms. Just joining us is our new Service Manager Kevin Viney who brings years of expertise and a bundle of enthusiasm with him and Will Worden enviably  young and energetic who is joins us on the sales team.

Only a few years ago it was largely myself and an assistant. Now we are nine. I think we are lucky, lucky to be dealing with such a great product, lucky to have such nice clients and particularly lucky to have such a good team.

Seven easy Porsche maintenance and safety Tips for the Winter that will take you less than 30 minutes and could save you a fortune.

We have 5 great technicians in the workshop to help you, and although we a pleased to look after your service and maintenance needs there are some simple checks you can do yourself, that will improve your safety and may prevent  more serious problems. If you would prefer to book yours into the service department for us to check over please call Kevin Viney, who is our new service manager on 01752 840307.

1. Brakes. Take a good close look at your discs. Porsche that stand still for long will often suffer with the brake discs corroding. This is often unseen as it is the back surface of the disc that gets affected the worst. If the outer surface has corrosion pits evident, then your braking efficiency will be reduced. If you feel vibration when you brake….bring it in. We can check very quickly. You need good brakes. 4 minutes.

Brakes maintenance. Brake fluid should be  tested annually, it absorbs moisture and can cause corrosion inside your brake system and ultimately loss of brake performance. Fluid ages and the pedal becomes soggy. If you purchased or have serviced with us recently you should be okay as we always test.

2. Brakes again. ABS. Does yours have it? More to the point does it work? Many never use the ABS and it will eventually stop operating. The MOT may not pick u[p the fault. Go onto a quiet piece of road and where safe apply the brakes so hard that you can feel the pedal pulsing (the ABS working). If the tyres lock up…it isn’t working call us. Use it or lose it. 10 minutes.

3. Tyres. I am sure you will be setting pressures correctly, and not confusing BAR measurements with PSI. Also take a really close look at the inside edges of the tyres. These often go unnoticed on quick inspection. You need good tread there too. Also the tyre age. Rubber deteriorates with age, grip is reduced. Integrity diminishes. The age is usually four numbers, the week and the year. If over 6 years old call for advice.  Tyres need to be right, especially in poor driving weather, correct pressures are vital, tread depth for winter weather needs to be good (simply passing an MOT isn’t good enough) they should be the right rating, N marked as suitable for Porsche, without chunks in the sidewall. spend 5 minutes checking. You can always email a pic to us for advice. 5 minutes.

Tyre age. First two numbers the week, second two the year. In this case March 2010.
Tyre age. First two numbers the week, second two the year. In this case March 2010.

4. Steamed up? Feel under the carpets, you may need to shift the seat forward, feel the bottom edge of the door panels. Steamed up windows is usually water ingress. All models could suffer but especially Boxster and 996. Leaks are not just an inconvenience but your Electircal Control unit lives on the floor under the left seat. It does not like water. Boxster’s and 996 Cabrio have drains underneath the soft top, these must be kept clear. All models rely on a membrane behind the door to deflect the water, this is often faulty and evident by damp on the bottom of the door panels. 5 minutes.

5.Lit up? Go around and check all your lights are operating correctly.

6.Can you see? Top up washer fluid with the correct washer fluid mix, not just plain water. It will prevent freezing. Do the wipers judder, screech or leave lines? Replace. A clear screen is vital. 5 mins.

7. Check your oil. We just had a customer arrive here with literally just a splash of oil in his car. This cannot be good. And is massively risky to your wallet. Remeber on the air cool 911 you check hot , at idle, ignoring any indications of level when cold. On all other models you check when stationary wither by the dipstick or on later cars by the dashboard display. 2 mins.

How often should you have your car inspected? As cars become older so they should be seen more often. Little or no use is not the answer either. Modern Porsche have long service intervals which is fine whilst they are under 3 years old but does expose you to more risk as the cars age. Therefore even on a small mileage you should have your Porsche inspected annually. For Boxster and water cool 911, Cayman you should ask for the oil filter to be inspected irrespective of miles and use. Just today we found a filter with debris in it. Upon finding that we can perform the preventative maintenance that could otherwise be a complete engine failure or rebuild costing £5-10,000. The cost is minimal. Call or email us  for advice or assistance.


Modern & Classic PorscheAt the moment we have a fine selection of modern and classic, it’s about 50/50. We get through a fair variety.

Moderns….for little more than mid-twenties (the list price of a new Astra Tourer) you can be driving to work in a Porsche 911. Porsche 911 (997) are available in great shape for what seems like a bargain price. A supercar in every sense. We have Boxster and surprisingly can supply really good low mileage models from low teens upwards. For example 05 or 06 at £12995, 09 PDK with negligible miles …27k at £22995 or Cayman for example our super silver example at £16995.

Porsche Cayenne


We have Cayenne incoming, Cayman, and 996. We will find what you want, give us a call and we will try to help. Nowadays funding for cars is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Entering the World of Porsche is simple….just call.



Porsche 993 Turbo

Classics….we have a couple of 993 Turbo, both amazingly good examples…then there isa supercharged 993 for a man that loves to drive. …its light, fast, agile and terrific fun, a 993 C4S works turbo look, 964 Turbo, Carrera 2, 911 Carrera 3.2 , 911 SC, a superb 911 2.7 S …how about an 30000 mile 1989 911 Carrera 3.2 an 964 RS, a 356 A and various others. We get offered or know of the whereabouts of some very exciting Porsche. Ask.



Porsche 993 Turbo Gray

I remember very clearly the first time I got near a 993 Turbo. I was in Koln Germany, meeting a new dealer contact. He turned up at the airport in a Turkish metallic 993 Turbo, this seemed very exotic. And boy did it shift along the Autobahn and then slipped quietly through the City traffic, very impressive. Leaving it on the street to go for dinner, I couldn’t help but to look back at it. I feel the same now. Over engineered, hand built to the highest standards, the 993 bi turbo remains a deeply impressive car. Sitting behind the wheel I always imagine myself hurtling down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans. It’s a special feeling.

RHD 993 Turbo


Currently in our showroom we have a UK supplied RHD 993 Turbo. It’s unusual. It’s abnormal in so much as its condition does not match its age, or its mileage. The gentleman that purchased this car brand new and drove it for all but 1000 of its 83000 miles did an outstanding job.

First he paid particular attention to detailing a unique specification. Specifying things that made his Porsche personal to him, ordering it via the Porsche Exclusive Program to a higher standard than ‘normal’, he also selected the X50 pack, this made a fast car faster raising power to 430hp and adding additional oil cooling.

Secondly. He drove it with expertise and care, warming correctly, cooling down correctly, and lifting his feet over the sill to avoid scratches, avoiding contact with anything more solid than a zillion flies and bugs.

Thirdly. He paid very particular attention to maintenance to keep his car like new, insisting on the correct care irrespective of budget. He replaced or refurbished items prior to them actually needing replacement. He had the knowledge, the inclination and the resources to keep his 993 Turbo in as close to new as possible. As such, we now have in stock, a 993 Turbo with 83000 miles that must be the best driving example that you or I am likely to experience.

This attention to correct care and maintenance allowed the owner to fully enjoy his Porsche for 17 years…and the next owner can look forward to a similar highly rewarding experience.  As far as air cool 911 are concerned, you have here a rewarding, challenging, exciting and subtle play-mate par excellence.


During the summer we completed some lovely Porsche and were very pleased with the end result. Having been to Europe’s largest Classic Car show in Essen Germany, we felt that the Porsche we had restored would certainly not embarrass us amongst Europe’s best. We really did.

Porsche 67 911Shorty, a 67 911 short wheel base went from zero (a rusty floored project) to hero when our client arrived from Switzerland, hopped in and drove it home to Geneva. He was pleased and we were pleased shorty made it in style and safety. It looked beautiful, just a little patina on an immaculate 911.This client has come back for more of our teams skills.  Porsche 71 911 Targa

Another was a 71 911 Targa. This was another full restoration, not so much metal to replace but otherwise the same full restoration required. This Ivory white beauty sold to a client in Italy who has come back for more…. It seems that you don’t need loads of clients. Just a small number of good ones that are happy will do us fine.


Shorty’s owner has now sent a 356 convertible, from 1958. Discovered fast asleep in a Texas garage since the early eighties it was sent from the U.S. for us to make a complete restoration.  During the dismantling process Graham and Becky were astonished to see how original this 56 Year old lady was. For example, removing the door trim panel revealed the signature of the man (or possibly lady as many were employed) who must have assembled the doors, a little sample of the original carpet still stapled on the back of the door panel.

Porsche 356 restoration

The original soundproofing on the floors and looking around you can clearly see the hand built or hand fashioned nature of the body. Graham and Becky are efficient, but getting these right is never as fast as on the TV shows, about 12 months for this one.

This 356 is so very special, so valuable that we are aiming to create a World Class restoration for the owner. Something we will all be very proud to have our own signature on.

Meanwhile, we have collected for a 1973 RS touring for restoration. This is one of 93 right hand drive 911 RS Touring with a very unusual specification and in an unusual blue, one of only two in this colour.

Values of the 1973 911 RS have skyrocketed in value, right hand drives made up a small proportion of an already limited production run and they are now accepted as one of the cornerstones of any serious car collection. Not so long ago circa £40,000 would buy one, whereas today, you could purchase a very agreeable property in our area for less. It is the 73 RS that has pulled up the values of most other air cool 911.

Our task is to restore, repair and re use as appropriate as much as we can, treading a fine line between perfection and patina. For example we will repaint the body, but use as much of the original trim as we can. We need to create a 911 that will stand the intense scrutiny applied at this high level of restoration.

Because the values have increased so much, so too have the expectations of the buyers and therefore we must pay attention to every detail. The quality of restoration must be exceptional, for if only a moderate job is done, then the negative effect on value would be multiplied. Both the 356 and the ’73 RST (along with others) will feature on our blog from time to time as we progress through the rebuild.


Champion Porsche Certain Porsche deserve absolutely correct original restorations. If they are historically important, historically correct, these Porsche are going to be more valuable as a factory correct restoration. This includes the aforementioned 73 RST and the 356 Cabrio. My idea is that they have survived this long and deserve to be preserved for the future.

However having what you like is also good. You are the person with the money, it’s your choice.

Here we are building a 911 that is to our own taste and specification. We are nearing completion of a 930 turbo, dressed in IROC style, reminiscent of the International Race of Champions Porsche from the mid 70’s.

This one is a one off, it’s a road car, with track ability. Over 450 hp, light, sharp and exciting. Here is a couple of quick pics. ETA one month from now.

Porsche 71 2.2E coupe

In a similar theme (what you like is best) we have just received a 71 2.2E coupe that has been with another restorer for over 3 years. Progress was a little slow and the owner brought his 911 to us. Our client wants a little hot rod, narrow bodied, chrome trim, simple, cool, old school 70’s 911 coupe. Pale grey paint, narrow fuchs alloys, he wants to drive, enjoy and have some fun with his 911. We are going to provide his dream.  I am looking forward to seeing him finally using his 911. Quality restoration work isn’t cheap, to get it done right is vital, and the price of that can be high but the pleasure immense. More on this one in a future blog post.


997 TGFThat’s what these cars are built for, enjoyment of the driver. Irrespective of whether you are using your 997 daily, or your 356 occasionally, it’s important for you and for the car to put some miles under the wheels. Leaving them sat under a cover with no one knowing they exist is a shame. The value comes from using your Porsche and having fun with it.

It’s not just you, the owner who enjoys them, delivering a viper green 73 to Oxford reminded me of how much other people appreciated seeing the cars too. I had people waving, smiling and staring throughout my journey. It added something to their day as well as mine.


Cars and CoffeeNot exactly in competition with Goodwood, however we are keen to have an occasional early Saturday morning meeting here in Saltash for Porsche drivers. The deal is we will provide the coffee and croissants, you arrive in your car. It’s an early morning trip out, on nice roads, an excuse to drive your Porsche and talk cars with other. All interested parties just email info@williamscrawford.co.uk  and put ‘cars and coffee’ in the subject line. If you don’t have a Porsche we need to know!



There has to be some business for us to eat, and this is where we pitch for it.


If you are considering parting with your Porsche please get in touch. Irrespective of the model or year, if it’s honest it’s interesting and has a value. We can advise on the current market and discuss the best way for you to sell. We may already have a new home waiting. It may be that we will purchase ourselves, offer brokerage or find a different route for your needs.  Call Richard, Will or Adrian and we can advise. We can supply replacement cars of other makes and values if it helps us deal with your Porsche.

Porsche 993

One such client needed to arrange the sale of his Mother’s 993, we gave him our best advice, we purchased his 993, along with his Shogun and a Mercedes and supplied him the LR Discovery he required.  It worked for us and it worked for him.

Thank you for all your help, & lunch. You have dug out an excellent car, very comfortable. We all love it even my son seems to accept the colour now (Must be the Porsche badges ). Seriously it’s a credit to your company. A quality & very professional approach to it all, I will keep in touch. Richard W***, UK


We have a broad range of Porsche actually here in stock, modern, classic, right hand, left hand. Then we have a large number of Porsche which are available or known to us, from this resource we can usually find the Porsche you want. If you would like us to do the hard work, to search, inspect, check, service, guarantee, fund and deliver or export the Porsche you need. Simply get in contact and we will help.


We have very good staff to take care of your Porsche. From an annual service through to a full restoration – call and we will help and advise.

Service and RestorationWE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR CALL

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