We have had some really bad news this morning…. We ran in early to check the website for updates and what we found was….. LEIDER KÖNNEN WIR DIE HIT 2016 WEGEN MASSIVEN SCHNEEMANGEL NICHT DURCHFÜHREN!!!!

Hitting Translate as quickly as we could the resulting translation reads in brief – EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF SNOW – so that’s our adventure on hold for another 12 months.

We want to prove it…. Join us for a great adventure, a 1200 km Road trip from sunny Cornwall to Austria where we will be competing in a historic Ice Racing event after which which we take a different route back to the UK, all in a 38 year old classic air cooled Porsche Targa. Foolish or Fun?
1393681_605010889544700_1323763216_n_726_544bab962896This is a proper boys adventure –

Leaving sunny Cornwall on January 11th and driving 1200km to Altenmarkt – Zauchensee Austria. We have pre arranged some studded snow tyres to be fitted on arrival so we get a chance for a little pre event practice, Our Cornish homeland is great for surfing but not we don’t get a lot of snow or ice this far south so we are going to have a lot to learn.

The Car

1977 Porsche 911 2.7S targa. More used to the sun and surf than the snow and ice.

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Technical support and spares 

Our “on the road” toolkit and whatever we can squeeze into the luggage compartment –  in addition to woolie hats!

The Drivers 

Adrian (sideways sid) Crawford and Richard (rev-it) Williams

The Event 

The Historic Ice Trophy racing in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee  held between the 13-17th January. We’ll come up against some interesting competition with cars more suited to the Ice and drivers more experienced on that slippy stuff, the competion will be varied with everything from rally icons like the Lanicia Delta to the humble little Fiat 500 previous years have even seen Mini Mokes! We sexpect to be the only Targa attending. 

We will be filming and recording our adventure so expect to see it on the Blog in a few weeks.


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