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This is where we can give you a snapshot of Porsche which may not be yet on our website, or cars that will never make it to our site;

991 We have a superb 991 Coupe C4S, in classic Black with black…this one an ultra rare 7 speed manual. Avaiable, we can source 991 for clients, there are a few about  available to us.

997. Some superb 997, really we have an unusually good selection of 997, so those of you that fancy one, now is the time, Spring is here and prices will start to firm up. Check out our convertibles, our two fab 4S and our ‘as new’ coupe with just 3400 miles from new. If we dont have what you are looking for get on the phone, we source 997.

996. Just sold our last one so we need some more, maybe you might take advantage of good timing and PX your existing 996 for a 997……We might have a C4S coupe available with just 25000 miles. No doubt in another week this situation will change again as 996 offer outstanding value if you get the right condition (which is where we come in).

993. We have a supercharged 993 that is begging for a new owner. That man (or lady) can have a Porsche that is every bit as fun as a 993 RS for a quarter of the price. Why it’s not found a home yet is beyond me as it is one of the best driving Porsche I have had the pleasure of. 993 incoming….maybe, we are looking so watch this space.

964. INCOMING…..you have a treat, we have two 964 Turbo soon to arrive. RH and lh.  The ‘Devils Own‘ is one I loved 14 yeas ago and she is back. Also a very nice Targa in blue, the possibility of a silver cabrio, a superb low mile left drive 964 cabrio in black (this one is worth serious consideration for UK use and those trips abroad). Should you be interested in upgrading or selling your 964 do let us know.

930. INCOMING. A very special 930 is about to come into the showroom. Well worth a visit simply to see it. We may be able to offer a low mile original example soon as well.

911 Carrera 3.2. Here in our stock, we have a Grade A low mile example in left hand drive. Should condition be your thing, this one is a unique opportunity. It looks good value compared with rhd, but condition is something else….I would rather worry about condition than driving position, if you are the same, come and see it. We have a charming backdated 3.2 which is a blast to drive, rather more lively than the appearance would suggest and we have a very nice rhd cabriolet in black. We are working on acquiring a very nice coupe too.

Classic Porsche. 911 968 914 928 …..Here and in our stock a very nice 73 911 coupe rhd has just arrived in Sepia brown…cool 70’s, also a brill 914, quirky,fun,happy ,  Incoming a 968 Club-sport in lhd. This could make a wonderful fun keeper. There may be a very low mile 928 GTS too. 356...one.

Boxster and Cayman. Various here in stock, these move swiftly so please call. Incoming a several good Cayman.

Around the World. We get offers of Porsche worldwide: Here is a selection…86 Coupe in Chiffon white, a 68 912 targa in original first repaint burgandy, a 911 SC from 81 in first original Chiffon paint, an 84 works turbo look coupe in special order pearl white, how about another 84 Works turbo look this one in Pewter metallic, an original 911 T in silver, or a 1970 T coupe in light yellow, same owner from 72! These are all out of the Country and left drive. Call for details.


964 C4 Coupe rhd dead or alive.

997 C2 Gen 2 PDK Cabriolet

996 Turbo (or S) Cabriolet.